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Club Member's Cars

Bob & Don Honstein's 'Olds

Harley's '53 Chevy

Lyle Kelly's 1926 Model T

Howdy's '67 Corvette

Howdy's '50 Ford

Gary Bulfinch's 1950 Chevy Delivery Sedan

Bob Taylor's '52 Willys

Bob Taylor's '35 Ford

Bob Taylor's '62 Corvette

LeBar's 1961 Pontiac Catalina

Patti Savage's '56 Ford Panel

Dick Zarzana's '33 Pontiac

Rick Stegeman's '47 Ford

Gary & Diane Straughn's Cars

Straughn's '66 El Camino


Rheba Malone's 57 Chevy

Stephanie Padgett's '24 T-Bucket

Diane Straughn's 56 Chevy

                                    Jeff Adams' 72 Ford Pickup

Gary Miller's '57 Chevy

Gerald Book's '70 Cadillac

Gary Bulfinch's '67 Corvette

Ron Horak's '64 Corvette

Chris Macharro's '65 Chevy

Don Mendes' 1963 Riviera

Ric Adams'  1940 Ford Pickup

Matt Nutt's '35 Ford Pickup

Steve & Julie Tompkin's '62 Corvette

Fred McCord's '93 Vette

Chris & Allison Meachum's '65 Dodge Dart

Don Honstein's Old Toronado